The Importance Of Vegetable Chopper

I’ll admit it, I’m a huge fan of cooking shows, be it Masterchef, both Indian or international, Top Chef or Nigella, I love watching wonderful food being created and consumed. But watching these shows also has an unfortunate side effect, one feels almost compelled to replicate those delicious meals. Charmed by the effortlessness of the participants, I thought that I too can be a Master or a Top Chef and set off to recreate those dishes in real life. Alas! I am no culinary genius and my experiments with food fail the very moment I go to do the most basic of all food prep, chopping.

I cannot tell you, dear reader, how much I hate chopping vegetables! Onions make me cry, garlic makes my fingers smell for days and tomatoes collapse into a squishy mess the moment I look at them. Disheartened with my attempts, I had almost given up on my dreams of cooking something that was not a packet of instant noodles when my brain kicked into gear and the image of a vegetable cutter popped into my head like a vision from up above. Armed with this revelation, I hit the online stores with a vengeance, looking for the perfect vegetable chopper online to turn me into the Masterchef I knew I was inside.

A word about vegetable choppers, these nifty little appliances are an ideal addition to your busy lifestyle. No longer does one need to spend hours chopping away desultorily in a kitchen, wiping away tears caused by onions and frustration, with a vegetable cutter, one can chop onions as roughly or as finely as one wants, chop beans for the most delicious poriyal and chop up nuts to garnish a celebratory batch of kheer. That’s not all a vegetable chopper can do! One can make the creamiest mayonnaise, lassi and the frothiest besan mixes with the detachable whisk most choppers come with! Most modern choppers, such as the ones produced by Morphy Richards, are easy to clean and maintain and consume very little electricity and time. All one needs to do is to press a button.

Anyway, back to my adventures in hunting for the best vegetable cutter in India. After looking through various sites and shops hunting for my ideal vegetable chopper, I finally came across the Morphy Richards vegetable chopper. The price was well within my budget and the features like the detachable whisk completely sold me on the idea of buying it. The fact that I got a great deal on it helped quite a bit too! A few clicks and my chopper was on its way!

As I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my vegetable chopper, I fantasised about the lip-smacking meals that I was sure to create with this handy little device. A few days later, my wait was finally over and my new chopper was finally in my hands. Time to be the chef I knew I was inside! I started easy with chopping onions for a gravy, two minutes later, I stared in amazement at a bowl full of finely chopped onions and this time the tears in my eyes were from joy, not onions. Needless to say, my cooking has vastly improved and even though I’m not cooking show participant quality yet, I can proudly say that vegetables no longer scare me. A great vegetable chopper can change your kitchen game and I would suggest that everyone invests in one of these magical devices.