Sandwich Maker Recipes For A Rainy Day

Who doesn’t love sandwiches? Stuffed to the brim with delicious and yummy fillings, sandwiches are the ultimate delight! I usually use a sandwich maker to make my sandwiches crispy and delightful, but I recently realised that there is more to be done with it than just grilling sandwiches! When it comes to the sandwich maker, the imagination is boundless, limited only to your ideas. Here are a few things you can do with your sandwich maker that will change the way you think about them forever more!

Grilled pineapples: It doesn’t matter if you like on pizza or think the very idea is a sacrilege, everyone loves a good grilled pineapple. Simply put a few pineapple slices in your sandwich maker and grill until lightly charred. Then sprinkle salt and a hint of chilli pepper on it, and voila! A tasty healthy and spicy treat is ready!

Waffles: If your sandwich maker comes with a waffle attachment like mine, you can use it to make delicious waffles too! Just add batter, remove, drench in syrup and serve! There is no better way to cheer your child up!

Hash browns: The secret to the crispiest hash brown is not in the deep fried oil, but in the humble sandwich maker instead. Spray a little oil and add your potatoes to the sandwich maker and shut the lid. Wait 10 mins. or till the potatoes are done to enjoy the yummiest hash browns ever!

Grilled bananas: If you think grilled pineapples are amazing, wait till you try grilled bananas! The fruit caramelises beautifully into an ooey gooey delight that is delicious to nom on. All it takes is just 2 minutes and a few teaspoons of sprinkled sugar.

Grilled vegetables: Going on a health spree? Then grilled vegetables must be high on your list of things to eat. With a sandwich maker you can easily grill vegetables like zucchinis, carrots and even more.

Grilled cheeses: Loved a good halloumi? With a sandwich maker you can grill cheeses like halloumi and paneer for your salads and sandwiches.

Mini pizzas: Need a quick bite but can’t wait for the pizza to arrive? A mini pizza is the solution for you! Just pop the pizza in your sandwich maker and wait for 3-4 mins and your delicious pizza is ready to chomp on!

Ice cream cones: Oh yes! Your handy dandy sandwich maker can make ice cream cones too! And we all know what that means! Goodbye bowls! It is time to slurp your favourite flavour directly from the cone without even leaving the house or paying an exorbitant price!

Sandwiches: With a name like sandwich maker, it would be a shame if it didn’t make sandwiches,  right?  From eggs, to veggies, meat, spreads, cheese and more. Your sandwich making capabilities are limited to your imagination alone!

So as you can see, a sandwich maker makes your snack and other meal times, a whole lot more interesting and amazing!