Electronic Revolution In the Kitchen

The Kitchen has been the home to a lot of people. Who says evolution happened just with humans! There has been changes in the kitchen as well. It has happened over a period of time but the same is evident. Earlier, all was restricted on the human hands or on stones and coal. The revolution happened with the incoming of electricity. The struggle was real before that. Everything was burdened upon the hands and was to be done manually. Chopping, grinding, even starting the gas all was time consuming and a major problem.

Then came in electricity, the best the humans could do with water although, saving the same is equally important. Since, then there has been a turn around. Now we had electrical appliances for every job. From mixers to electric induction cookers, we have come a long way! Think of a job and the mix of power and technology has got you the correct appliance for the work! The downfall in the manual labour has been drastic with the incoming of technology.

We have an appliance for whisking, beating the eggs, making dough or even cooking the chapattis. Further, there has been the food processor which gives you all these functions in one product. How easy cooking has become. Further, the amount of time that is saved is tremendous, because all you need to do now is put the vegetable in the product and press a button, ready in seconds! Also, such appliances aren’t pocket pinching. Too many features in one and the competition in the market makes the prices go down. The boon has been spread wide and nice with so many brands coming in the picture, you get a lot of option. Not just that, the features and add-ons of an appliance keeps increasing.

Juicer Mixer Grinder.png

The incoming of e-retailing have given more comfort to the consumer. You can buy juicer mixer grinder online, even the microwave oven or the tiny wand called hand blender. All the products have got a place in the web market. Further, the brands themselves have put the shops online! All the brands you see locally have marked a position in the online retailing as well. This doesn’t mean that that the domestic market has been slaughtered completely. There are people who still prefer the real market experience, having a demo, knowing the appliance personally.

The kitchen appliance market is big and ever growing. Whatever the manufacturers find is being done manually is given a shift on the technology side. This not only gives them an edge over the others, but also provides the consumer a rest period from all the household chores. The cook in the house who are also working are given a break from the workaholic life that they live.

All the products or technological developments happening in the world do mitigate the need of manual labour, the same has its advantages and problems. To tackle the issues faced in a kitchen, a lot has been done and the same doesn’t have any end.