Energy Efficiency Tips

Be more energy efficient in one’s home with these simple steps. Be more energy efficient in one’s home with these simple steps.

1.Save water Judicious consumption of water will lower one’s water bill. Limiting the usage of electric water heater or gas for heating the water not only can be more economical but also save energy. Frequent check of all faucets, pipes and toilets for leaks and installation of water saving shower heads and ultra-low-flush toilets would avoid wastage of water.

2. Cooking Gas vs Electricity Reduce the load of your electricity grid by using gas for cooking and heating instead of electricity, as gas cooking stoves create less overall heat that electric stoves. Cooking on gas stoves induces controllable heat which is immediate, precise and helps the oven to quickly heat up as compared to electric stove.


3. Painting the roof with reflective paint Painting the roof with reflective paint or putting white tiles can reduce the heat flow into the building from the roof. Cool roof leads to reduced building heat-gain and helps in reducing the temperature inside rooms by 3-4°C. It also helps in decreasing the energy consumed by ACs and cooler price paid for this is a fraction of the saving that could come your way.

4. Solar Solar water heating system converts the sunlight (solar power) into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. It is a cost effective replacement for the electric geyser, as it transmits the heat to the water. Most solar water heating systems requires less maintenance and the water can be used for various household activities, thus making it quite economical. Solar water heater systems  are lightweight and compact in size.

5. Light bulbs Energy saving incandescent and, CFL bulbs & LED’s ( light emitting diodes) save about 25%  and 75% of energy respectively. They are the most popular ways of reducing energy in every household. CFL bulbs not only saves energy but also goes well with the interior decor and ambience of the house since it comes in warmer colours, diffuse filters and focused lighting design. Although CFL & LED bulbs are quite expensive, however the investments made in the beginning helps in saving a lot of electricity bill which adds to future savings.

6. Energy efficient appliances.Research has proven that purchase decisions are largely driven by the cost of owning the appliance ( paid at the time of purchase) and we tend to overlook the cost of using the appliance ( paid in installments in the electricity bill).A three star rated appliance can reduce energy consumption by about 20% in a house. Similarly a five star rated appliance can reduce energy consumption by about 30%. Any star-energy rated gadget or equipment can produce some significant power savings. Further usage of air coolers instead of air conditioners can significantly add to the energy saving. In fact cooler price is also low so you only save money in the long run.

7. Use maximum day light Turning off lights during the day and maximum use of daylight can reduce the burden on local power grid and can also by in large economical.

8. Switch off appliances when not in use Electric appliances like coffee machine, microwave, television, desktop computer keep on using electricity and energy even when not in use. Organisations have saved millions of dollars by asking their employees to shut down their desktop computers after office hours.