Electronic Revolution In the Kitchen

The Kitchen has been the home to a lot of people. Who says evolution happened just with humans! There has been changes in the kitchen as well. It has happened over a period of time but the same is evident. Earlier, all was restricted on the human hands or on stones and coal. The revolution happened with the incoming of electricity. The struggle was real before that. Everything was burdened upon the hands and was to be done manually. Chopping, grinding, even starting the gas all was time consuming and a major problem.

Then came in electricity, the best the humans could do with water although, saving the same is equally important. Since, then there has been a turn around. Now we had electrical appliances for every job. From mixers to electric induction cookers, we have come a long way! Think of a job and the mix of power and technology has got you the correct appliance for the work! The downfall in the manual labour has been drastic with the incoming of technology.

We have an appliance for whisking, beating the eggs, making dough or even cooking the chapattis. Further, there has been the food processor which gives you all these functions in one product. How easy cooking has become. Further, the amount of time that is saved is tremendous, because all you need to do now is put the vegetable in the product and press a button, ready in seconds! Also, such appliances aren’t pocket pinching. Too many features in one and the competition in the market makes the prices go down. The boon has been spread wide and nice with so many brands coming in the picture, you get a lot of option. Not just that, the features and add-ons of an appliance keeps increasing.

Juicer Mixer Grinder.png

The incoming of e-retailing have given more comfort to the consumer. You can buy juicer mixer grinder online, even the microwave oven or the tiny wand called hand blender. All the products have got a place in the web market. Further, the brands themselves have put the shops online! All the brands you see locally have marked a position in the online retailing as well. This doesn’t mean that that the domestic market has been slaughtered completely. There are people who still prefer the real market experience, having a demo, knowing the appliance personally.

The kitchen appliance market is big and ever growing. Whatever the manufacturers find is being done manually is given a shift on the technology side. This not only gives them an edge over the others, but also provides the consumer a rest period from all the household chores. The cook in the house who are also working are given a break from the workaholic life that they live.

All the products or technological developments happening in the world do mitigate the need of manual labour, the same has its advantages and problems. To tackle the issues faced in a kitchen, a lot has been done and the same doesn’t have any end.


Home Appliances: The Kitchen Makeover

The home appliances are the most amazing technological boons to the human society. For the person cooking and cookery preparations have been made easy via these appliances. For the people, nothing is more preferred than something which saves time. Also, the level of work is reduced and the time is also saved. Further, not just home appliances, electrical appliances are another add on advantage for they make life easy and better. Think of living without fans or air conditioners, or not having the gas burner or the mixer, so much energy would be gone to make things work.

Hence we all should take a minute and go back in time, see the evolution of technology in our lives and the contribution it has done to make things easier. Life has been made easy and the cook’s in our homes do get time sometime to rest, but if they are working, well a lot of work to be done! Further, the whole kitchen has been given a makeover. If you don’t believe it, let me give you a proper turnaround of time.

Let’s, start with the gas burner, remember the coal made cooking stove? Well, yeah you don’t want to go back to it. Also, the gas burner provides 4-5 inlets to enhance the cooking speed. This has been further improved with the incoming of the induction stove. Now even the hob or chimney requirement has been mitigated. The induction cooker provides swift and anywhere – anytime cooking, wherever you have the plug point. All the cooking is a button away.

There were days when we used to grind all masalas and chutneys on the stone and now we have the mixer grinder. You get all of it smoothly blended without any lumps. In fact they come with jars different for liquidizing and grinding. So, you go systematic and also clean with your work. The home appliance manufacturers come with improved features to get an edge over their competitor. So there is transparent lid, spill protector, detachable jars and what all. The list is endless but the pricing is extremely consumer friendly.

We even have the choppers. Count the number of dishes and vegetables you would be making over and the amount of cutting required. Hence, the chopper does the work for you. All you need to do is put the ingredient in the tray and I gets you finely chopped items. Be it potato, tomato or the onion or as the matter demands there are even hard substances which can be easily chopped.

The list of such appliances and cookware keeps going on. We have tea makers, rice cookers, idli makers, hand blender, so you name it and it will be delivered. There isn’t any escape. The manufacturers look out for the need and hence deliver the same to you. You would never be disappointed by its performance as it is professionally designed and also comes with warranty, because getting more loyal consumers is what is required by the manufacturers to improve their market. All in all the consumer is at ease, because it got its servile at work!

Making Cooking Effortless

What is the solution for effortless cooking? Kitchen appliances! A kitchen without appliances is too much work. There are so many jobs that need to be done for making a dish ready. From chopping, grinding, blending, dough making, getting the spices ready and the list goes on. If it weren’t for these appliances, we would still be making dough with our hands or using the stone grinder! Horrifying as it sounds a lot of work is to be done if not for the technology.

There is nothing better than the appliances. For the cook in the house, especially women who work and also cook, appliances let them have a sigh of relief. With the day’s hard work and handling other household chores, kitchen work is another headache. Let them relax and take out time for the family.

Moreover, the youth who live alone shop online kitchen appliances, because the bachelors too miss home-made food and for them, they only know the recipes. Hence, kitchen appliances make the kitchen magical with wonders of technology.
There are many to list like the juicer, induction stove, mixer and of course not to miss the hand blender. I find it as a perfect magic wand. Just plug it in and you could get things done in seconds. Further, to make things better the hand blender has detachable features. You can:

• Chop
• Grind
• Blend
• Whisk

Anything and everything! For a person living alone and even for any cook, such tasks to do manually would consume a lot of time and energy. Further, the blender also comes with a jar. Yes, no extra utensil needed and just keep it swinging. Further it has speed control system, so that nothing gets splashed! The brands are really considerate these days about the needs of a consumer. Further, the material used to make the hand mixer is very durable. Even if I use it to blend the soup, it doesn’t crack or get fused. So amazing! For the joy of cooking and to keep it that way, kitchen appliances are simply a boon.

The mixers are also reasonably priced. A hand blender price ranges 1k-2k. There are blenders at a higher range also, all depends upon the needs and your pocket. As the price goes up the features keep adding on, but nothing more than 5k. Moreover, the quality is stable for all price ranges. Hence. It is affordable by all and doesn’t even pinch. The brand market is full of hand blenders. Each brand to have an edge over the other has to provide certain extra features and also competitive pricing. For the common man this is beneficial as it further decreases the cost and the middle class works on a budget.

Moreover, these magic sticks do a lot of work in one go and with the detachable feature cleaning becomes easy. The grip on such products is amazing and all you need to do is hold on to it and let it do the job. Less on electricity more of work, a hand blender is the best appliance in the modern kitchen!

For The Tea lovers, The Walk Along Kettle.

Indians love tea and the young generation can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. Constantly, boiling milk and the pan heating up every hour. Well, now there is a change to that. In the realm of technology we have electric kettles! Marvelous as they sound, we get our drinks in seconds.

The tea maker is handy and simple to operate. Just pour everything and turn on the switch. You will have a nice hot cup ready and it will ping. No scope of overheating or coil spoilage, because the makers were well aware of over addiction. Use it repetitively and it still won’t be tired. It is fresh unlike the tea dispenser and the container keeps it warm for a long period of time.

The coffee maker is another creation. I have a routine to sip a cup of nicely brewed coffee every hour. Hence I bought this one, because boiling everything and to wait is such a waste of time. So I keep one in my pantry. Heat it up and it’s done. The amazing part is that, the heat pad is different from the jug. So it makes it portable. Plain sailing it is! The human hand doesn’t even need to work. The coffee is so much better than the machine one, simply because it keeps it nice and warm, fresh as ever! Sugar as per my convenience.

Kettles are the best introduction so far in the appliance world. Child’s play to operate, with an automation cut off when the water level goes down. Ring the bell, it needs a refill. Elegantly designed and is marked down. Saves a lot of gas and consumes minimal electricity. It such that anyone can purchase it. It’s lightweight and convenient to use. Further the boiling kettle can be used to cook packed food, noodles; even soups and pastas can be done. This mini stove is easy to clean and low on maintenance. Just sit back and relax, because the power cuts off once it is prepared!

A lot of brands offer this product. You can use these as basis to pick.

  • Capacity
  • Power consumption
  • Warranty
  • Multipurpose is preferred
  • Automation features
  • Portability
  • Maintenance
  • Budget vs price

Your requirement is the real criteria for it! If you are always in need of a cup of coffee, this is what you need. Now days everything is available online and it helps to compare various brands and get the best price as well. It isn’t difficult to find the same and are easily available at the appliance showrooms. Be sure of the kind quality and warranty, can’t compromise on it. Further, you can have them delivered at your doorstep.

Technology tries to make life simpler from every aspect and the change in the kitchen is fantastic. If we look around we are surrounded with technology everywhere in the kitchen. We have an appliance for all of our work. Lets hope for more such boons because it will help cut down the work time and have time for ourselves. Its time for my coffee! See ya later!


How many of us would think of chimney to be important? Let me remind you through this blog that Kitchen chimney is a relevant part. A cookhouse needs furnace to breathe. A kitchenette needs to get all the fumes out, and you can’t simply rely on an exhaust fan. Here comes the ventilator into play.

Indian food is full of tadkas, spices, oil and chilies, which leads to lot of smokes and fumes in the kitchen. It is important to get rid of the same otherwise we could choke on it and the odor then travels throughout the house, coughing noise is all that we hear then. Moreover, these are sticky effluviums. So if you don’t filter the air, it would surely cling to the wood, tiles and don’t forget the ash marks on the wall. This would in fact add to the cost, so why not simply install a furnace?

We have a problem with the looks of the Kitchen Chimney, I believe it has been sorted out now. We have glass panels, designer plastics and even the hobs come in style. In fact these breathers have air regulation levels and even light panels. I came across one at Bajaj, which had corner lighting to give it an edgy look. So why not ask your interior designer to pick one for you while designing the kitchen.

I think the major dilemma could be the filtration system and the cleaning. Recently they have come up with a separate oil collector, so scrubbing can take a backseat. Speedy filtration has been adopted by many manufacturers and there has been improvement in after sale services too in the service market.

Another thing to make sure of is the size of the vent. A small exhaust won’t be useful in a huge kitchen. You have to make certain that it is bought as per the kitchen space. Further, for an open cook room a huge one would be a waste of money.  So make the deal wisely!

The pricing of the kitchen exhausts are such that it is feasible for the hoi polloi. Since, it has become a necessity now, especially for urban India. It’s your budget and your booty call. As the funnel is something which can’t be changed easily and is usually done for long term purposes, for many of us it’s an investment, hence there is no harm to be doubly sure and look for options.

The smokeshaft does create a level of noise, but there are models which work with less buzz. Also the electricity consumption of the furnace is low and equivalent to a normal kitchen appliance. Still, do check as it can vary from one brand to another.

I hope this would be of help to you. Another advice would be to search online before hitting the market, so that you are aware of the purchase and features. Plus, you get to know what’s new and have a competitive price. If you are getting your interiors done, as the designer to assist you in the same, as they have a lot of knowledge. Happy shopping!


Electric Kettle Making your life Easier

If you want to make a quick cup of tea, or you want to prepare your 2 minutes noodles or if you want to boil an egg or something like small amount of boiling purposes, we generally use electric kettle. Depending on the company you are using and the way you handle your product, you decide the working life of the product you are using! So you need to know the features of an ideal electric kettle. This will help you to buy electric kettle depending on your need.

If you are alone in your place and want to make something for yourself only, then the smallest model of electric kettle will do well for you! But if you have friends at your place and during night you need to have coffee or tea, you must go for bigger sizes. Different sizes are available in market. Depending on your need you have to search and buy electric kettle. 1 litre, 1.5 litre, 2 litre are common types of electric kettles that are available in market. You can go for higher models as well. But if you stay alone, you must go for that 1 litre model.

Whether it keeps the liquid warm:
Suppose you prepare tea or coffee minutes before and you want to keep it warm for some more time, you need to look out for the feature. There are several electric kettles available that offer this feature but at the very same time, some models do not possess this feature. If you are looking for more features, you need to pay more! So you should go for those features that you require for your use!

Boiling time:
The price of the product depends on the service that it provides. So you need to know how much it takes to boil water and complete the task. Generally most of the electric kettles take 4-5 minutes to boil water. This is the standard product. If you want more efficient thing, then you should go for those models that are quick enough to complete the task within 4 minutes! There are lots of models available. You can go for the best one and buy electric kettle for your use!

Spilling feature:
When you empty the product, some models have this spilling the water feature! The water spills on the counter and on the cord and it may be harmful for the user as well! So you better go for those models that offer safeguards; so as to when you will pour water from the kettle it will not spill.

Cordless base:
It is very annoying to take the cord along with the kettle to the table. Some of the models these days come with detachable base option. In such models you do not require facing this annoyance. You can easily take the kettle with you to the table. The cord and the base will be on the counter only! This feature is very helpful and safe as well! So know your need and buy electric kettle accordingly!

Electric Cookers Vs Gas Cookers Which One is better?

Civilization has begun with the discovery of fire. Since that time, it was the predominant way to cook food and to warm ourselves. But now with the progression of technology, men have discovered newer means to cook food in faster ways and in less hassle manners. They have also introduced different and modern cookers to prepare food in very short span of time. If you enter into a house, you will definitely find two major types of cookers in an apartment and they are mainly electric cooker and gas cookers.

Select the convenient one—the electric one

Both are very popular and they are very safe and that is why they are equally popular few times ago. But now, people are showing their huge interest in using modernized electric cookers. They are mostly preferred for their quick arrangement and for the personal purposes. They take less time and prepare more delicious foods. Generally, gas cookers are preferred by the professional Chefs as they can adjust the flame. The gas is administered by the Gas company and they will cost you monthly bill too as Gas is considered to be utility as well.

Benefits of using it

In most houses, now electric cookers are used as they are very easy to operate. The oven of the electric cooker generally consists of four coils and they are totally electrically heated. Then there are knobs like buttons that are mainly used to operate them. You don’t need to spend any extra money other than the electricity bill for the purpose of cooking. As they are very easy to operate and they take less time, people are using them very frequently. You just need to be aware of the heating of the coil and there no way to tell that you should be careful with child and make sure that they will not touch the coil by any means.

Places to get them

Now when world is suffering from the scarcity of the natural resources, then electricity cookers are always serving as the convenient option. Electric gas cookers can be used anywhere if any option of electricity is available. But in the case of gas cookers one has to make several arrangements to arrange the entire set up and it needs more space than the electric ones. For these logical reasons usage of these cookers are now increasing rapidly.

For its growing popularity, different manufacturers are coming forward to present different models of smart cooking system and now you can get them from various websites. You can observe so many models and check out their specification so that you can order them as per your convenience. You can find out in real life stores and to find out them is very easy when you have the perfect ideas about your requirement. So while comparing electric cooker and the gas ones always think about the pros and cons of the electric cooker and you will definitely observe that they have more reasons to buy them.