Which Types of Fans Are More Efficient


When you go to market for buying fans, you get too much confused. There are lots of designs and models are available. So, you need to decide beforehand what you are going to buy. Do you need a ceiling fan or a table fan will be enough? These fans are different from each other. Though all of these circulate cool air throughout your room, still you need to know which type is more efficient than the others. Let’s see the difference among ceiling fan and table or pedestal fan.
Difference in Installation
Yes, both of these fans circulate air but there are certain differences. You can place table fans wherever you want. If it becomes difficult to work in the kitchen without a fan, a small table fan can easily solve your problem.
But, you can’t install a ceiling fan at your kitchen. Besides, there is something more that matter while buying ceiling fans like room size, blade size, etc. With table or pedestal ones, you don’t have to bother all these things.
Difference in Convenience
If you buy table or pedestal fan, you can carry it wherever you go. The design is compact and small which has made these fans portable and convenient to install. It is true that ceiling fan circulate more air than other fans, but it has larger blades and not portable. While installing, ceiling fans are fixed with the fixture of your ceiling.
Difference in Style
Whether you buy online or from any electronics shop, you can have a wide range of stylish ceiling fans with lots of advance features. Some fans come with lighting arrangement; some may have remote control system; there are fans which have movable blades and so on. You can buy one according to the interior decoration of your house. Table fans are not that much versatile in style. Though you can get variety of colors and materials, you won’t find any variation in covers or blades.
Difference in Features
Maybe you can’t give full marks to table fans on style, but in features, these fans are much more flexible than ceiling ones. The adjustable height and multiple speeds with oscillation have made the tables fans advance. The features of ceiling fans are limited only to reverse oscillation and multiple speeds.
Difference in Cooling the Room
On this aspect, the ceiling fan will win forever. It is much more efficient in circulating conditioned air as it has large blades. Table fan, on the other hand, can circulate air if you place it in doorways or in between the rooms.
Difference on the Question of Safety
If you install a ceiling fan correctly, then there is no chance of hazards. Still, you should be careful if your ceiling is too low. Check whether the fan is touching your head as that can cause accident. Though there is also lesser chance of accidents with table fans, still if you have kids you need to be extra careful as children take interest in poking fingers through the grills of table fans.
Both types of fans are efficient in their way. It is up to you what you want to buy to meet your purpose.


Getting Perfect Ceiling Fan for Your Home

ceiling fan

While the scorching sun glares at you on hot summer days, you want to rush towards your house. The soothing air of fans and a bottle of cold water give you relief. In this age of air conditioner, does ceiling fan have any importance? You will get the answer if you ever see the demand of such fans every year when summer is near. Today, the fans come in lots of varieties and designs. So, people are buying these according to their home decor. Are you planning to buy one now? Here are some useful tips to help you-

Make a Budget

This is the most important thing before buying a ceiling fan. There are lots of models offered by the renowned brands. What do you want to buy? Do you want to buy one luxurious with lots of features or a normal fan will do for you? Select your budget according to your need.

Select the Location

Where do you want to mount up your fan? Is it for your master bedroom or for your kid’s room? The location is very important. The fan you want to mount at your bedroom won’t be equal to your living room. Remember one thing; you don’t want a fan that overwhelms your room. You need one which can serve the purpose of circulating air throughout your room properly.

Select the Size

The size of the fan must be according to the room size. Otherwise, it won’t serve the purpose. How to know which blade size is best for which room? Follow the following chart-

  • 24”-42”- 80 sq. ft. or less than that
  • 44”-50”- 100-150 sq. ft.
  • 52”-60”- 150-300 sq. ft.
  • 62” or 2 fans- 300 sq. ft.

Height of the Ceiling

What kind of ceiling do you have? Is it very low? Then you should not mount a ceiling fan that is too drooping. After all you don’t want to get wounded by the blades of the fan. Similarly, if your room has cathedral ceiling, you need to buy down rod so that you can get cool air. While measuring the ceiling height it is better to ask a pro than making an idea only by seeing.

Check the Motor

The motor is like the heart of a fan. If you buy any fan without checking the motor it can disturb your sleep by irritating noise. Previously, the fans only had AC motors. Now-a-days, with DC motors, the fans have become more advanced. Those produce less heat, consume less energy and generate more torque. You can also get rid of noises by installing such fans.

Number of Blades

There is a belief about ceiling fan that those are the best fans which have much number of blades. This is not right. A 3-4 blade fan circulate the air equally as a 6-blade fan does. You can by reversible blades to give your fan a different look.